A Look Back to 2016

340 scientists, policy makers and industry representatives from around the world attended the 2016 Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security Conference, held June 14-16 in Saskatoon.

The conference focused on how to move innovations in agricultural research quickly to not only the developed world, but to the developing world as well, in as little as four years from lab bench to field. It also included an IQ2 debate moderated by Rex Murphy on the question “Is biotechnology necessary to deliver food security to 9 billion people?”

Other speakers and panellists included well-known scientists and representatives from the developing world – Ruth Oniang’o and Zeyaur Khan – as well as researchers and policy advisors, including Mark Lynas, Barbara Burlingame, and Rattan Lal. Industry speakers included Neal Gutterson from Dupont Pioneer and Anne Roulin from Nestle.

Below are some statistics gathered following the conference:

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