Margaret Karembu

Margaret Karembu is the Director of International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA AfriCenter). Her immediate responsibilities entail planning and managing all aspects of ISAAA program in Africa that would facilitate science-based decisions and transfer of agri-biotechnologies from (and among) industrial and developing countries, and, strengthening South-South cooperation in this endeavour. She has wide experience in participatory training methodologies, technology diffusion research on small-scale agriculture and environmental impact assessment procedures. A science-communication educator, Margaret has been actively involved in strengthening capacity for biosafety communication and policy outreach for informed choices on modern agricultural biotechnology in Africa. She is very passionate about science and a strong believer in the power of innovations for transforming African agriculture into efficient, competitive and profitable enterprises for women and small-holder families. She has co-authored several books including: Developing a Biosafety Law: Lessons from the Kenyan Experience (2010); Biotech Crops in Africa: The Final Frontier, 2009; Status of Biotechnology in Kenya: A Handbook for Policy Makers, 2008; and “Understanding Environmental Communication” among others. Margaret holds a Ph.D in Environmental Science Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya, where she previously taught for more than ten years prior to joining ISAAA.

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