Fayaz Khazi

Fayaz Khazi, Ph.D. is the Chief Executive Officer of Elo Life Systems, a US based translational agriculture company that enables its partners in the food and agriculture industry to meet needs across agricultural productivity, nutritional demand, food security, and human wellness through rapid deployment of technology. Elo Life Systems develops new insights by leveraging multiscale biology and deep-learning methodologies, combining this with the ARCUSTM genome editing platform and other molecular breeding technologies to rapidly validate and develop novel agricultural products.


Prior to joining Elo, Dr. Khazi was the Chief Executive Officer of KeyGene USA. At KeyGene, Fayaz established highly successful business relationships and strategic R&D collaborations to enable accelerated crop improvement in the plant breeding, food ingredients and sustainable commodities markets in North and South America. Dr. Khazi holds a doctorate in molecular genetics from Auburn University where he studied DNA repair and recombination. As an HHMI post-doctoral fellow, he trained with Dr. Katherine High at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia studying genotoxicity of gene therapy vectors and developing in vivo genome-editing technologies to treat hemophilia B. He then became the founding Director of Translational Medicine at Intrexon Corporation, where he held several executive leadership positions supporting the food, human health, and agricultural biotechnology sectors. Dr. Khazi also worked with executive management at Intrexon to help launch a successful IPO in 2013 (NYSE: XON) before moving on to become Chief Executive Officer of KeyGene USA. At Elo, Fayaz will continue to pursue innovative approaches and creative partnerships to develop high impact solutions at the nexus of food, agriculture and human wellness.

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