Beatrice Atim Anywar

Hon. Beatrice Atim Anywar is a Member and Vice Chairperson Committee on Gender of Uganda Parliament representing the war-torn Northern region Kitgum Municipality Constituency in the 10th Ugandan Parliament (2016 to 2021). She was born in Kitgum District, in the Acholi sub-region, in the Northern Region of Uganda, on 9 January 1964. She holds a Bachelor of Public Administration degree from the Islamic University in Uganda; and a Master of Public Administration and Management from Makerere University, the oldest and largest public university in Uganda. She also has a Certificate in Democracy and Good Governance, Obtained from Marquette University, in the United States.

Previously a shadow minister for environment, during her first term in parliament, Hon. Beatrice is nationally revered and referred to as “Mama Mabira” - Mother of Forests - due to her environmental activism to safeguard the nation’s forests and preserve the environment and food security. She has over the years championed the right changes in laws, budgets, policy, perception and actions – to safeguard and to promote forests, women and food security in the country. She particularly organized and led mass actions to secure the existence and success of one of the country’s ecologically and environmentally significant forests - the Mabira Forest in Uganda. The government, had prior to her work decided to sell the forest to the sugar company Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (SCOUL) to cut it down and convert it into a sugar cane plantation for ethanol production.

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