Nikki Piliania

Mrs Nikki Pilania Chaudhary, a postgraduate in Business Economics and Finance from University of Surrey, U.K is involved in Family Agribusiness (Director – Chaudhary Agriculture Services Pvt. Ltd. ) since 2011 with special focus on Dairy Farming.

She keeps writing blogs on issues, opportunities and challenges in agriculture. Her blogs on agroforestry, dairy farming, conservation agriculture etc have been presented on various International Agricultural Forums. Several of them have been award winning for being most popular amongst audience and Expert Panel of Agriculture and Landscape Scientists.

She has presented her work in Agriculture and Dairy at various Conferences- International Poplar Commission- 2012, World Congress on Agroforestry-2014, Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development-2016.

She manages a highly efficient cow based dairy farm. The operations are aimed at producing high quality milk by deep focus on forage based nutrition and balanced breeding strategy. The Dairy farm is emerging as a learning source for a large number of dairy farmers in the region.

She sees a big opportunity is Dairy Sector in India and plans to go ahead with major expansion towards a Vertically Integrated Dairy farming, taking the leadership role in the country.

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