Pierre Broun

Before joining Nestlé as the head of R&D Tours in 2007, Pierre developed his scientific career in academia and in industry, in the US and the UK, working on food, non-food and model crops.  During his tenure in Tours, Nestlé’s coffee and cocoa research activities grew into a global, industry leading program.  The center supported Nestlé’s Nescafé and Cocoa plans through the development of advanced tree propagation techniques, which were applied in mass propagation facilities in Tours, Mexico and Côte d’Ivoire, in collaboration with external partners.  It also developed high-performing, disease resistant coffee and cocoa varieties, which are now being released internationally.  Most recently Pierre led the development of a strategic collaboration in plant and crop science with the University of Cambridge and NIAB, generating first projects that leverage Cambridge’s expertise and support Nestlé’s nutrition and health agenda.  Pierre holds an agronomy degree from the Institut National Agronomique - now AgroParisTech - and a PhD in plant breeding and biometry from Cornell University.

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