Zamo Shongwe

Zamo Shongwe received her first qualification in journalism. She joined a pioneering team as a news reporter and on-air presenter at the country’s first youth radio station,Yfm. This led to a career in TV production and freelance writing for magazines. Eventually, she took up an offer to be part of a team-leading south-south relations between universities in South Africa and their counterparts in the SADC region. Eight universities participated in the programme dwelling on amongst other issues, capacity building, knowledge sharing in the areas of HIV Peer Support for students, Prenatal Care in rural communities, Curriculum Development for universities, encouraging African tertiary institutions to develop and share African solutions using available resources.

This built her love for the non-profit sector, providing expertise in systems and processes, responsive fundraising strategies resulting in multiyear contracts and expansion of branches across the country. She continues her purpose by ploughing her experience in the agricultural sector, improving conditions for developing farmers, developing incubation projects for youth agri-preneurs, in an environment that improves participation of farmers with low literacy levels. Courses are designed to be inclusive while being accredited with various education bodies.

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